Society looks at me differently

Fragile as a porcelain vase, this is how I look at my sexuality. It's beautiful and respected by some in society. These are the ones who understand the value and nature of the material. Unfortunately, there are also those who do not know its value and are all too happy to destroy it.


For me, this metaphor reflects the vulnerability that sexuality can bring. Although my orientation should be something small, it still has a big impact on my life. Society looks at me differently, filling in boxes, while they think that they understand me. I just want to live normally without a stigma.

Unfortunately, the clock seems to be turning back and we are moving backwards in time again in my experience, this worries me. My skin has grown thick from countless comments and experiences, but what if you have just come out of the closet? You just came out, finally having the courage to be who you are and then you get beaten up. What do you do then? Do you still dare to be yourself? Or do you choose to pretend to be someone who does fall within social norms?


Do I expect everyone to understand my sexuality? A simple answer is no, why? Because you can't blame someone if they have been taught to hate gays from a young age, for example. What I do resent someone for, is when this ignorance is accompanied by attacks, both physical and verbal. Let me live my life the way I want to.