The book BOYS LIKE ME 240 x 340 mm in size and digitally printed by Jubels. The cover is made of 380 gram Curious Matter / Goya White which gives the book a rough feeling on the outside. The inside is printed on 150 gram Arctic Volume White which gives a gentle look and touch. Spread over the 120 pages, that are yarn bound, you find beautiful black and white photos of young men.

Do you know my feeling? Homosexuality has often been in the news in the recent years, usually because of violence against gay people. But how is it when you grow up as a gay teenager?


It wasn’t until I was 38 that I felt safe enough to get out of the closet. Yet I still found it a difficult subject to talk about, but through my photography I could express myself better. That’s why I made my photo book “BOYS LIKE ME”.


“BOYS LIKE ME” is about me and how I felt, growing up as a teenager. As my longing for boys grew, it was in contradiction with my attempts to meet the expectations of people around me. I didn’t feel safe anywhere and walked away from myself. Where others proudly told about their first girlfriend, I avoided any question about it. What remained was frustration, sorrow and anger for who I was.

Photos from "BOYS LIKE ME"

The book has become an artwork on itself, underneath you find a small selection of photos from the book. You can click or swipe through them as you like. Some of the photos have already been used in expositions and are on request available via Zerp Gallery in Rotterdam. All images are available in limited editions (60x40 or 120x80 cm).


The last copies of the book BOYS LIKE ME are available for 124.95 euro (excl shippingcosts). If you are interested in purchasing your copy, please send an e-mail to


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