Preparing for a photoshoot 

Good preparation is important, not only for the photographer and his team, but also for all the other participants. For example, you don't want to find out right before the photo shoot that you forgot important stuff at home.  In addition, there may be things you need to take into account, which you may not have thought of yet. After all, not everyone does photo shoots on a regular basis. That is why, on this page, you will find some tips about the preparations for the photo shoot.


voorbereiden op een fotoshoot - huidverzorging

Good skin care is important, after all, it is your skin you see in the pictures. Therefore, prevent your skin from looking dehydrated during a photo shoot. You can do this by drinking enough water in the days before a photo shoot. Of course it also helps to eat healthily, because nutrition also contributes to healthy skin.
Use a body lotion or Bio Oil on the evening before the photo shoot. This helps to make your skin look healthy and well cared for. Don't use these kind of lotions or oils a few hours before the shoot. This will make your skin shiny and reflect the lights, this is something we want to avoid during the shoot.

Hair removal
If you are planning on epilating, waxing or waxing a body part yourself, have a beautician do this for you. Unless you have experience, of course, but prefer not to try new things on your appearance just before a shoot. If you want to start using hair removal products like VEET sensitive skin, make sure you have experience and do this at least 2 days before the shoot. Your skin needs time to recover from such procedures. If you don't do this, there is a big chance that your skin is still irritated during the photo shoot and that is of course immediately visible on the photo. 


Hair on your head
Make sure your facial hair looks neat and tidy. Of course you can quickly go to the hairdresser, but if you are participating in a project, please consult with the photographer. It is possible that you have been chosen because you have beautiful long hair, if you are bald at the photo shoot you have a challenge.
Also make sure that if you have a beard or moustache you update it neatly. But also think about updating your nose, ear hairs and eyebrows.

Voorbereiden op een fotoshoot - gezichtsbeharing

Summer tan
Would you like a summer tan on the photo? Read this carefully. DO NOT DO THIS!

Lying in the sun for a long time or under a sunbed dries out your skin. In addition, there is a risk of sunburn, making your skin not only dry but also red. Don't do this, because you'll see this directly on the picture. Also self-tanning or spray-tan is never successful for a photo shoot. If you apply this, it often looks blotchy on the photo and it doesn't look natural. 


20 nails
Also make sure your fingers and nails look well-groomed. Cut your nails a few days in advance and make sure on the day of the photo shoot that your nails are clean.

Voorbereiden op een fotoshoot - meenemen

Clothing stuff
Depending on the project, do not wear tight-fitting clothing on your journey to the shoot location (this includes socks, any form of underwear). The stretch marks that these leave on your skin often remain visible for at least half an hour. This may slow down the entire photo shoot.

It is also important for clothing to look clean, tidy and not worn out (unless that is part of the garment). Try to take clothes with you when possible hung up. As soon as you fold clothing or put it in a suitcase, it usually comes out wrinkled.


Outdoor shooting
When you go to work at an outdoor location, remember that bugs love sweet smells. So don't use perfumes but do bring items like mosquito repellent, sunscreen or warm clothing.

What to bring:
What you need to bring depends on a few factors such as, the project, location, time of day, facilities available, and so on. For a basic photo shoot it is smart to bring the following items;

  • Stuff for personal hygiene (deo, toothbrush, razor, etc.)
  • Towel
  • Bag to take back wet stuff
  • 3 different sweaters/shirts
  • 3 different colors t-shirts
  • 3 different colors pants
  • 3 different colors boxers

Also bring things you like, such as sunglasses, cap, shoes, jacket, etc. with you. We can't use everything in terms of time, but it's so much fun when we're busy that we have something to choose from.

For outdoor locations it is good to also think about things like;

  • sunburn
  • anti-mosquito spray
  • anti-allergy tablets/ medication if applicable

If you hesitate, just ask us :-)