Conditions participation

As you may already know it is completely free of charge if you participate in a project. will take care of the costs, in return you will get a number of cool and special photos. Below you can read more about the conditions for using the photos, if you register as a model then you agree with these terms of use and with the declaration of permission for photography.

These can be found via a button at the bottom of this page where you can also find tips for your "preparations for a photo shoot".
Please read the following as well.


License to use photos

If you have worked on a photo project you will receive a user license for some of the edited photos. This applies to models, as well as to assistants, hairdressers, moa's, stylists and other employees. Please read exactly what this means below.

During a photo shoot a lot of photos are taken, not all photos are actually used. In any case, be aware that the unprocessed photos will never be sent. On average you will get about 4 to 6 edited photos from a project. These will be delivered to you digitally, through a link to Dropbox, Wetransfer or by mail.

The photos are intended for online use and will therefore have a minimum resolution of 72ppi with 1000 pixels (longest side).


When do I get the project photos

On average, the photos are sent to the participants about 4 to 6 weeks after the shoot. This depends a bit on the workload, amount of post-processing, parties involved, etc.


What can project photos be used for?

The project pictures can be used online for your own portfolio (website and Social Media), with the goal to promote yourself. However, you may not make the photos available to other parties, lend or resell them.

If you want to deviate from this, please contact us in advance. There is always something to arrange in consultation, but for the atmosphere and cooperation it is more fun if we discuss things beforehand than if we have to discuss them afterwards. It is always important for both parties in case of deviating agreements to record these in writing by letter or e-mail.

This license which you get for the project photos is only for you personally and is not transferable to others. Only Spannenburg.Art may assign licenses to other parties.


Attribution is mandatory

If you use the project pictures it should be clear to viewers who took the picture. You can choose for the photographer or to name This is not only done by placing a tag in a photo, but by clearly mentioning this in the photos. The links you can use can be found below;

For instagram :
For Twitter :
For all other platforms :


Cutting and editing photos

The project photos you received are works of art by the photographer. It is therefore not allowed to crop or edit the created images. This also means that no filters (like instagram) may be used.

Placing texts and / or logos over the delivered images is seen as editing and is therefore not allowed. Even with texts the meaning and appearance of the image is affected.

Should it still be necessary / desirable for you to adjust an image, please contact Arjan Spannenburg in advance. In consultation with Arjan Spannenburg we can see what possibilities there are to make exceptions.



In principle, you never get printed photos from projects. The selected works of art are only sold in limited editions. If there is an image you would like to have printed, but which will not be sold as a work of art, you can always submit a request for a print. In consultation we will print these for you, there are extra costs involved.


Scope of this agreement

This license is valid in all countries of the world and is governed by Dutch law.


No show or cancelling within 48 hours

If you participate in a photo project, you are in fact a member of our team. If someone cancels the photo shoot or doesn't show up, the project runs the risk of not being executable, or at least not being fully executable. This while there are costs made by everyone.

Giving up to participate in a photo shoot requires a bit of commitment. Of course, you may get ill or there may be special personal circumstances. Please contact us as soon as possible by phone on 06 82 44 1464 or 0031621892151. If you do not show up or cancel without good reason, you agree that the damage and costs incurred for the project (think of the other models, photographer and any MUA/stylist/etc) can be recovered from you.


Preparations for a photoshoot

For everyone there are a lot of preparations for a photo shoot. Do you already know what your role is? Or what to think about when you are preparing yourself for a photo shoot?